Creating Art from a Photograph

I truly love creating these “filtered” images which I also call “art portraits”. These are not the hand painted digital portraits from a reference photo (which I admire as a truer art form and am learning and experimenting with too), but rather a simpler, less time consuming, and much less expensive – but still very attractive alternative for your average portrait clients.

I first create separate filtered images in Postworkshop x64, Filter Forge 3, and Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4, and then blend them together in Photoshop using layers and masks. For me, sometimes the most challenging part of the creative process is knowing when to stop….There are so many

different way to change the work by adding or subtracting filters, blend modes, contrast, saturation, ect. that I could just keep on and on periodically saving a version that I like as I go.

Happy shooting!


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