Save as Many Versions of your image as you need to.

Thoughts on a Photographer’s Workflow: Getting from a “good” photograph to a “great” photograph.

I thought it would be interesting to post a blog about how many different versions of an image a photographer like myself may initially save to his/her hard drive before coming to the “final” finished work. (It’s not unusual sometimes for me to have saved 15 to 20 or more

different versions of an image until it feels finished to me –  and ready to show the world). Later on, to retrieve some of that valuable hard disk space, I will delete many of those interim versions that I will probably never need to use again. I absolutely

love exploring the many variations of an image that are almost infinitely possible to create if one had an unlimited amount of time and energy to devote to it. For me, no image is ever really actually “finished” – so maybe i shouldn’t even use that word

– I guess it would be more accurate to use the word: favorite – the one that I feel “works” the best for me at that moment in time, or fills a specific request I may have received from a client. Oh, and, yes, I also believe it’s wise to first try to get the very best

image in your camera that you possibly can – meaning good solid exposure, lighting, composition, ect. or you will just end up with an enhanced “mess” for all of your trouble.

So, with a brief explanation of what I did, here are some (not all) of the versions of the above image of Victoria that I created with various software plug – ins, textures (usually Flypaper Textures), Photoshop layers, and one of my all time favorites: Nik’s ColorEfex Pro 4.

Happy Shooting!

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