Follow Up: Bringing An Older Photo Back to Life…


Original Photo – Straight from Camera Raw


Processed Photo (After Photoshop enhancements and Nik’s ColorEfex Pro 4 plug – in).

Here is another example of the amazing transformation that takes place from a basic raw image file (shot 6 years ago with my Canon 5D)  processed with minimal enhancements in Photoshop Camera Raw 6 (top image) , to the finished work which was created using my current workflow routine that includes my favorite Photoshop Plug – in: Nik’s ColorEfex Pro 4. (I have no affiliation whatsoever with Nik Software, I just really like how it works to enhance my images).As I mentioned in the previous post, this kind of image quality was not available to photographers 10 – or for that matter – even 5 years ago.

This is also a shining example of what you can really do with (in camera) raw image files, as opposed to jpeg in camera files. There is just not enough color related information present in a lpeg image (created in camera) file to come close to what is available in a raw image file.

Just sayin’….

Happy Shooting!



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