Adding Textures Adds Depth and Interest to an Image.

Adding Textures Adds Depth and Interest to an Image.

The Artist in me was just itching to create something beautiful from the image I call: Two Callas” which was shot against a plain white background in my home studio. The image by itself is good – it should be a good candidate for the Stock Photography market. But For me, there seemed to be a more compelling image there if I just took a little time and employed some imagination into it. I have a constantly growing library of image “textures” on my computer that I like to occasionally use to add visual interest to an image. Some are ones that I have purchased such as “Flypaper Textures”, and others are my own images that I have created specifically for use as textures. For this image I selected a texture image from Flypaper Textures. It seemed to fit the image almost perfectly. added it to the image in Photoshop as a layer using the “multiply” blending mode. then I created a layer mask and carefully masked out the texture effect from the 2 calla lilies. Once I had that finished, decided to further enhance the image using Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4, tweaking the contrast, saturation, color balance, and finally a slight lens vignette. Just as an experiment, I tried adding in a couple of other Flypaper textures to see what else might be possible, but after looking at both versions, I decided that the added textures didn’t really add anything to it – in fact, to me it looked a little over cooked – so I stuck with the first textured version as it was.

I hope this has been useful for anyone who is not familiar with the use of textures to enhance and transform an image.

Happy Shooting!



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