Using Luminosity Masks in Photoshop


Finished image with textured background.


Original Photo – processed in Camera Raw.

I want to begin this post by first giving major kudos to fellow photographer/educator Tony Kuyper – who created the amazing luminosity masks that I used to enhance the above calla lily image. I came across his luminosity masks quite by accident – I was browsing some Twitter posts when I came upon one that contained a tutorial on using Luminosity masks to add tonal depth and vibrancy to selected parts of an image without adversely affecting the other parts. This was a new concept for me, and I found it to be a fascinating and very effective technique to make an image really reach out and grab your attention. This finally answered a nagging question I have had for a long time: why are some of the images I see from many of the great photographers of today so much more interesting to look at than mine – well, I think, among other reasons, it has a lot to do with how much thought and extra work is probably being done in post – processing. These advanced photographers have done a lot of the very necessary and time – consuming work of learning how to bring a raw image file to it’s fullest potential as a true “work of art” using any and all available techniques they have either created on their own, or learned from other photographers. And, thankfully, many of them have chosen to share their knowledge with the rest of us – if we are committed enough to achieving excellence ourselves to seek it out. Here is a link to Tony’s blog: Go there to learn more about his luminosity masks, and many other of his interesting techniques for professional grade image enhancement.

So, with that lofty goal (of sharing the knowledge) in mind, I will be soon posting some of my own tutorials on this and other subjects of interest (as I gain enough practical knowledge to do so).

Thanks for stopping by….

Happy Shooting!


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