Wear Reading Glasses? No viewfinder? No Problem!

I recently bought a small, but very powerful fixed lens DX camera ( a Nikon Coolpix A). I absolutely love this camera. the only drawback I found after I started to use it is the fact that since I wear reading glasses to focus in on anything from about 2 feet away, and this camera does not have an optical viewfinder, I had to hold it out away from my body in order to see the screen (in focus) on the back of the camera. This is a little awkward and the screen is fairly small from that distance away. So how to solve this minor, but annoying problem? I bought a second pair of glasses that are twice the focal distance from my normal reading glasses. So now I can hold the camera only about 8 to 10 inches away and focus perfectly on the live view image on the screen. This feels much more natural and I can see the image much better because it is much larger. Problem Solved!

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