Do You Watermark your valuable images?

To Watermark, or not to watermark? That, my friends, is today’s proverbial question. 
I just learned how to create a non – distracting watermark. I post my images on the internet through various venues like 500px, Flickr, Google +, ect. to get exposure to the wider world. I usually do not watermark my images because I feel they are very distracting from the image I am trying to display – and they are a turn – off to most other people who see it. So I checked out this tutorial by Klaus Hermann which shows how to create what he calls “signatures”  that blend in with the elements of an image where it is placed. They really are nicely blended in and barely noticeable at all. It does take a little extra time, but may still be worth it for that added layer of protection. I think I will now go ahead and add some of these to some of my own images – at least the best ones that may be the most tempting to the average image thief. To view the tutorial, just click here.
Did you know? If someone steals one of your watermarked images, and then removes that watermark from the image, you will get a much higher monetary judgement in court if you find yourself needing to resort to that unpleasant, but sometimes necessary option.
So, the primary reason, imho, to use a watermark on your prized images is not to broadcast your name or logo to the world, but to protect your images from unauthorized, illegal uses. Hey, even supposedly “honest” stock agencies like Getty will try to get away with stealing if they don’t think anyone is looking. (Try googling this: Getty 1.2 million settlement) if you are not aware of the shenanigans they attempted recently.
It just makes you think.
Happy Shooting!

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