Raise Your Standards!



This image looks good on a computer screen. But……

A well known landscape photographer and educator, Alain Briot, posted a picture of his new business card on twitter the other day – and on the bottom of the card was the phrase: Raise Your Standards. That, I thought to myself, is an interesting thing to put on a business card. Who is it that needs to do this? Certainly, it is always a good practice for a photographer, or really anyone who is self – employed or an employee to raise their standards every so often to ensure that you don’t fall behind the competition in what you are offering as a final product. But my immediate reaction when I read that phrase was: the general public, or at least, the general art/photography buying public needs to be educated on the subject of why fine art photography/professional family and wedding photography should be ideally experienced with a real “hold it in your hands” traditional or giclee’ fine art print, not artificially through a computer or tv screen. This is, unfortunately more and more what the average family or wedding portrait patrons are opting for: Just give us a CD and we’ll view the pictures on the computer or our large screen tv. Really?  Have you never seen a large, professionally crafted 20 x 30 giclee or canvas print before? Don’t you know that actual physical prints are the only truly archival method of preserving your cherished photographs? I must admit here that much of this problem is due to our (the photographers) not educating our customers by showing them examples of our work in finished print form, not just on the computer screen. Photographers: It is for this reason that I strongly suggest only showing your proofs in person – with real prints that your clients can see up close to really appreciate all of the subtle nuances of color, texture, and depth of definition that is lost, or at least greatly muted when only viewing on a computer or tv screen.

People! I love you, but I think it’s time to consider raising your standards about how you should be experiencing and sharing your photographic treasures. In my mind, a computer screen is the least desirable way to view a beautiful high – end photograph. I want to challenge you to see for yourself. Why not visit one of the fine art photography galleries or a good quality family or wedding portrait studio in your city and see for yourself what a difference there really is between “live, or memorex”. I honestly believe you will come away with a new perspective on the subject. You will have become one of the “enlightened” ones who took the initiative for themselves and their loved ones to “Raise Your Standards”.

Thanks for your kind attention. Now get back to enjoying your day!

– Chuck

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