Welcome to FineLight Arts

Hello and welcome to my new (and improved!) blog with which I will be featuring articles and free tutorials among other things of interest to anyone who has a passion for art/digital art/photography – did I leave anything out? I am truly looking forward to making the best of this opportunity to share and (hopefully) inspire all of you aspiring new artists or photographers as well as possibly some of you seasoned pros – who. I hope, will on occasion kindly share some of your own proven tips and wisdom with the rest of us.

Today I would like to share my most recent photo – painting (below) and give a big shout out to the amazing digital artist and teacher Melissa Gallo – who’s superb online video workshops on digital painting have inspired me immensely and greatly contributed to taking my digital painting abilities to the next level. (No, I’m not affiliated with her in any way, other than being one of her many students – I just really like her painting technique and teaching style, and I always believe in giving credit where credit is due). You can click on her name to go directly to her website/blog to see some of her amazing artworks. Another thing I greatly admire is her ability to create a digital artwork completely from scratch – which is a testament to her talents as a traditional painter in her earlier years before she embraced the new digital art medium.

For me, I still need to rely on the use of a photograph as a reference – especially for portrait paintings like the one you are seeing here. The reference photo I used for this painting is one that I sourced online from a freestock website: Pixabay.com. This site¬†features photographs that have been freely donated for use by artists, web designers, or really anyone who chooses to use them for any purpose including commercial uses. It’s a great resource ( one of many) for artists to find high – quality reference photographs for their artwork – whether it is for practice and experimentation, or for pieces that will be sold in the marketplace. Another good source I would recommend is on Facebook. There are now groups that you can join that provide reference photographs uploaded by individuals who have freely given their permission for their use by artists looking for that perfect, inspiring photograph to work from.

So, that’s it for today. A short and sweet one. I hope you have enjoyed it – and hope you will keep following me for more to come on if not a daily, then at least a weekly basis!

Best to all.


asian_woman_painting12x18atrp copy

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