Changing the Color Scheme of Your Digital Painting

Changing the Color Scheme of Your Digital Painting


Screen Capture of Topaz Restyle (as a Photoshop Plug – in)

One of the unique and often overlooked benefits of working in the digital painting medium is the expansive array of editing options that are now available to digital artists (and new ones seem to be cropping up every other day). Today I am focusing on a great little gem of software genius called Topaz Restyle. This is a great way to make changes to the existing color scheme of any digital artwork giving you, the artist a huge number of presets to start off with that you can tweak to your heart’s content until you get exactly what you had in mind.

Some of you may ask – why would I ever want to change the color scheme of my painting? Well, maybe the main reason might be to please a potential future patron of your artwork such as an interior designer who likes your art piece or pieces, but they don’t fit the color scheme of the home or office interior she/he is trying to decorate. If your work is digitally created you can tell them up front (as selling point) that you can custom match any color scheme they may be looking for. Maybe then show them some examples to bolster your statement. That could potentially be the key to at least getting your “foot in the door” to a future sale, or even a lifelong devoted patron of your art.

Here are some examples I have just created for the purpose of this article. The first (top) image is the original painting with no changes to the color scheme. The next four are new versions using different color schemes that I created from the Topaz Restyle plug – in for Photoshop.

hummingbird-skeeze_cfxtex3fltexsigcfxtrp copyhummingbird-skeeze_cfxtex3fltexsigcfxtrptpres4hummingbird-skeeze_cfxtex3fltexsigcfxtrptpres3

hummingbird-skeeze_cfxtex3fltexsigcfxtrptpres5 copy

hummingbird-skeeze_cfxtex3fltexsigcfxtrptpres2 copy

Another side benefit I have found with using this software is to just “see what is possible” when I am in the middle of creating a new artwork. Sometimes it can be a great way to get new, fresh ideas for the painting – not just for the color scheme, but for other variables such as contrast, specific hues in specific selected areas of the work, ect. With digital art the possibilities are endless! If you are interested in try Topaz Restyle out they have a 30 day free trial available on their website:

Thanks! I hope that was of some benefit. There will be more to come.



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