Meet Adobe Spark


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I just created a new promo using a new app from adobe called Adobe Spark. It felt a little strange to me to be referring to myself in the third person, but if you don’t have another willing person available, or simply can’t afford to hire someone who can do the copywriting for you (my situation), you will have to do it yourself.


Anyway, Adobe is currently offering a free 30 day trial of the app on their Creative Cloud site. Might be fun to take it for a spin just to see what you can do. There are three different ways to create your promo: Spark Post; Spark Page; and Spark Video. The first one is setup for posting on social media like Facebook. The Second is for creating a magazine like web page which can be shared on any device. The third, Spark Video, is for creating videos with sound and photos, using cinematic motion to give it that professional touch.

The one I created (click on the link below) is created from the second publishing option – Spark Page.



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